Lethal for pathogens.


Safe for Humans,

Lethal for pathogens.

99.9% Effective anti Viral,

anti fungal, anti bacterial.



360 Anti Microbial

Anti Viral, fungal and Anti-bacterial


Safe for Humans

Lethal for pathogens


Long Term Prevention

30, 180 and 365 day protection


Tried and Tested

Produced in Malaysia, used across SE Asia, where infections are some of the lowest globally.


Photo Catalyst Delivery

Toxic organic matter is broken down and converted into water and CO2 by natural light

Environmentally Friendly

Based on natural elements that have been safely used for many years as anti microbial agents.

Industries And Sectors

Cleaning & Sanitation

Cleaning operations have never been so crucial. Protection of your staff, your clients and their environments are a necessity and we are committed to supplying the correct solutions for long term, effective and antimicrobial protection.

Travel & Hospitality

The Travel and Hospitality industry is defined by humans interacting whilst sharing spaces and experiences. It is our aim to provide the means for a safe return to this ethos and empower this sector to recovery.

HealthCare & Fitness

We seek to understand the challenges and meet the needs of this crucially important sector that is so vital to our physical and emotional well-being. Our hospitals, our gyms, our leisure centres deserve the new standards of support and protection that EvaGreen products provide.

Transport & Logistics

Our taxi drivers and our delivery men, our pilots and bus drivers are on the front-line delivering services to all of us day in and day out. Their protection and the protection of their passengers is paramount and central to preventing and controlling outbreaks.

Live Entertainment

Our Sports Grounds and live venues are where we enjoy our spare time and see our favourite bands or sports teams play. It is vital for our mental well-being that these areas are opened once again and to that end we deliver sanitisation solutions that empower this reopening and recovery whilst protecting on arrival, inside the venue and for many hours afterwards.


Schools, universities and colleges are quite literally building our futures and educating the next generation. The mass closures of these institutions has and will have repercussions across society. It is imperative that we support and facilitate their reopening in a safe and structured manner ensuring a sterile and protected environment for students, staff and teachers alike.


Our factories and our production centres are the life blood of our countries. Without them we have no food, no fuel, no products and none of the services that power society as we know it. There is a need for a new normal and a new way of operating. Our products and distribution mechanisms offer tailored, effective solutions to bring production back on line and in line with the new normal.


No sectors have been harder hit than retail, our high streets are the hearts of our day to day lives and securing and protecting shoppers, our servers and the environments that we shop in is crucial to our long-term recovery

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VirusGard 365


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Negative ion

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