What makes Safe Different?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to understood the importance of using sanitisers on a day to day basis. But what really makes Safe different from all the other brands on the market?

Ever felt an itchiness after using a sanitiser? Or felt a strong smell of alcohol? Or the feeling of having dry or sticky skin?

Safe has created a perfect balance for it’s hygienic handrub sanitiser between outstanding efficacy in the removal and neutralisation of viruses and bacteria and it’s thoroughly thought out skin care for constant, daily use. Our formula is Vegan, Child friendly, Halal compliant and doesn’t use any Alcohol – an ingredient known to cause irritation and wear away the skin’s protective layer. This way, Safe is able to kill 99.999% of viruses and bacteria (like E-Coli, Vaccinia and many others), while keeping this protection for up to 6 hours and being certified as a Skin Safe product. Thanks to its fragrance free and quick drying formula, it will feel like you have nothing on whilst still having a protective, safe barrier in place. Due to its organic and non-chemical formulation, Safe is also Food Safe and has an extended shelf life without compromising its quality and efficacy.

Finally, our products are manufactured from recycled plastics so that our planet can also be safe!

You can find all our refillable products as well as our refills here.

Safe Benefits Kills 99.99% Bacteria Safe Benefits Alcohol free Safe Benefits Non-toxic Safe Benefits Child-friendly Safe Benefits Child-friendly Safe Benefits Halal Compliant Safe Benefits Odourless